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We believe that Jesus has turned the world upside down in so many ways – both in how he lived himself and how he asks us to live today. He valued people and principles that society rejected or ridiculed; He saw exactly what was inside a heart rather than being ‘blinded’ by whatever outer ‘clothing’ a person chose to ‘wear’. He treasured people because of who they were rather than what they did. And this usually meant he sought out the grief-stricken and broken and poor and neglected and misunderstood.


Jesus saw everything as it really was and, one day, he’s the one who’ll finally bring justice for us all.

The challenge for us as we seek to follow him is to work out what that looks like here, today.

We think it means not being selfish, not even merely being ‘nice people’ (which often means caring or doing or giving for only as long or as far as is comfortable for us, or doesn’t interfere with our own needs or when we’re thanked for it). Rather, we think it means being free enough to love our neighbour (and our enemy) (Matthew 5:43) and lay down our lives for our friends (1 John 3:16).

As we study God’s word and strive to put it into practice we’re hoping to become transformed more and more to live like and look like Jesus; we can only do this because we’re so loved by Him ourselves.