The World:
even to the ends of the earth

God loves us as his people, his church; he cares for our little community in Witherslack; but he’s also interested in every other corner of the world too. Part of our responsibility as God’s hands and feet in today’s world is to care for the poor and marginalised wherever they are, to bring them HOPE – in this world and the next.

As we study God’s word, one thing we’re discovering is that his GRACE, his amazingly free and underserved love, is far bigger than we are. He gives so outrageously and yet our world is so full of inequality and injustice. We want to do all we can, however small or ‘invisible’, to give grace too.

We pray a lot here because we believe God can and does change things. We pray for organisations and individuals who live and work in Britain and other far-flung countries bringing relief and life and justice and faith to those who have so much need. We also give stuff to help them do this.


John’s trip to Sri Lanka after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami was life-changing and inspiring: short-term relief with long-term commitment.

At Easter 2010 we’re taking up to 8 people from the local community here (including 4 of us from Outreach House) to Goma in D.R Congo to help an amazing organisation called HEAL Africa. We hope to encourage and stand alongside them and share some of the skills and opportunities we have ‘here’ with people who need them ‘there’. And we know we’ll all be changed along the way.

Have a look at the ReachOut2Congo section.