First Fruits…


Keith says: “Two years ago ‘God’ was only for people that I mocked. I suppose, like most people, I was self-involved and carried a lot of hate towards people who had hurt me and a lot of guilt for things I had done.

By chance (?) I bumped into John at Table Tennis in our village. We slowly built a friendship and John started to ask me questions and explain the Bible to me (which at the time I thought was a book of fairy tales). The questions and stories stirred something in me. I wanted to know Jesus more. I had this burning urge to live my life the same way as Jesus. On the 1st of November 2006 I knelt at the cross in the chapel and committed my life to Jesus. I was forgiven and I forgave others. My slate was wiped clean and I could start my life again but this time with Jesus leading the way.

Over the next 5 months I studied with John and was nurtured and loved by the team. On Easter morning 2007, at dawn, I was baptised in Windermere. It was truly beautiful visually and spiritually.

Going to Outreach House for me is like coming home. John, Sue, Maria and Rosie are also my family who I truly love.

Now every day is an adventure, a challenge. A child has awoken in me who wants to create, tell stories and go on adventures. I have travelled many miles but only just started my journey.”