In March - April 2010 we are privileged to be going to Eastern D.R Congo to help an organisation called HEAL Africa who are based in a town on the Congo-Rwanda boarder.

The International Rescue Committee has described D.R. Congo as: “The worst humanitarian disaster since World War II”. The region is characterised by extreme violence, mass population displacement, the collapse of public health services and rape is a weapon of terror. HEAL Africa are doing an incredible job healing those who have suffered so much in conflicts and natural disasters.

HEAL Africa is distinctive from many other charities: it's a small, grass-roots organisation that has low administrative overheads because it is led by locally-based programme directors. Congolese staff focus on treating people holistically by training and equipping new leaders for the long-term, rather than just solving short-term needs.

Lives which are broken are, quite literally, put back together again: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The local community is involved in helping itself: a vital step towards building communities without violence.

We’re going to offer any help we can.

The Congolese team will find ways to use our different skills to encourage and support their staff so that the work we do has ongoing value rather than just a ‘one-off’ event. Worldshare are a British charity with great integrity who have been supporting HEAL Africa for many years. We’re thrilled to be working in conjunction with them.

Some of what we do will be with adults, some with children. It may mean many things:
Caring for, training & encouraging staff who pour out so much for others.
Teaching English, doing creative arts, helping with food and hygiene initiatives in the refugee camp so that people can go back to their own village communities.
Coming alongside displaced children and helping them learn how to play & really ‘be’ the children they are.
Doing football training with a whole range of children from those in the refugee camp to abandoned children to those in the hospital long-term.

"HEAL Africa are truly amazing. Nothing we can say can be big enough. Just look at their website."