Help us help HEAL Africa

Pray for the D.R. Congo.
Pray for the work of HEAL Africa.
Pray for us as we prepare and go: Carole, John, Kathy, Keith, Maria, Mark and Sue.

Learn and Speak up
When the world's attention is on Congo - governments and ordinary people - the fighting is held down. Violence breeds in darkness rather than light.
Engage with the advocacy stuff on the Worldshare website - sign the petition calling for an end to violence against women.
Write to the Prime Minister asking his what his government is doing to help the situation in the D.R. Congo.
Write to companies asking how they ensure there are no illegally-mined and traded minerals in their products.
Worldshare can supply suggested wording: contact

Practically speaking, we're working in conjunction with the British charity Worldshare who've worked with HEAL Africa since their foundation. One thing this means is that all the money we raise will be transferred securely and directly via them (and all cheques will be payable to 'worldshare'). They are an organisation with great integrity and I'm so glad we can work with them.

You can send a cheque to us at Outreach House (payable to 'Worldshare').

Or hand us a bag of cash.

Or send a cheque directly to Worldshare making clear that you want it to go towards ReachOut2Congo - the Witherslack to Goma project.

Get Involved
Have you been wanting an excuse to do something wild and outlandish for sponsorship? Here it is… we can provide sponsorship forms and as much information as you'd like.

Come to the fundraising events
We're having so many wonderful things going on… so come and enjoy and do good while you are having a great time.

"HEAL Africa are truly amazing. Nothing we can say can be big enough. Just look at their website."