What is Outreach House?


The easiest way to describe Outreach House is as a church.

But we’re not a church as most people would think of it. There’s no beautiful building with pews and an organ where people go mostly on a Sunday.

Outreach House is home in every way to the team who run it. But it can also be the Christian home to anyone who comes to any activity.

So, perhaps another way of describing us would be to say we’re a family, a Christian family.

The thing that connects us is that each of us has a relationship with God. We are all his children and we want to live as He intended us to: we want to love and follow God with every bit of our lives.

And so Outreach House is also a way of life.

We want to get to know God better. We do this by studying His Word, the Bible, and by leading a life that is deliberately simple, sacrificial and servant-hearted.

All of us at Outreach house believe that being Church is about living with the same priorities and objectives as Jesus. We exist to show who God is and so we want to care for each other and to serve our local community.

What is Outreach House?
A Church?
A Christian Family?
A Way of Life?

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