What is Outreach House for?


Put simply, Outreach House aims to grow, train and encourage new and existing Disciples of Christ. We want to introduce people to Jesus and help them gain LIFE in all its fullness.

Our basic aim is just this: to be disciples of Christ, in order to make disciples of Christ. That of course begs the question how does a person become a better disciple of Christ? And, of course, the answer to that question is vast and varied but Outreach House seeks to offer one answer in the way we choose to live.

So, the way of life adopted by the Outreach House Team is focused very much on getting to know God through His Word, the Bible.
To make this a reality it is also a life that is deliberately simple, sacrificial and servant-hearted.
And finally it is a way of life lived out in a local community and for that local community.


God’s WORD is vital and we organise our lives around daily, diligent bible study. The WAY is sacrificial, simple and servant-hearted. The WHERE is in the community and for the community.

God’s WORD is alive to us here. Day by day we can see our lives being transformed as we study the Bible with the deep longing that our love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.

The WAY is simple: we are stripped of all the usual ‘churchy’ clothing which we could drape upon ourselves to hide our vulnerability; ‘what you see is, most definitely, what you get’.
The WHERE works its way out all around us. We want to serve our community in every way that we imagine Jesus would if he were here today.