John Sainsbury

Erwin McManus says in Soul Cravings (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2006):
“All of us have dreams.
More than that, all of us need dreams.
Some of us sadly are just sleeping through them.”


Outreach House is my dream. It’s more than a building, a place and a thing you do or a team you join; it’s a way of life - it’s my dream. It’s what I believe God has called me to live for. For 20 years I dreamt of it, I prepared for it, I longed for it.

Now, finally, I’m living it and I believe it works. I am being discipled and I am seeing others being discipled too. God’s Kingdom is slowly, often imperceptively, being built here in our tiny village and the ripples from what we are doing are spreading out.

How many of us can truly say – this is what Jesus intended me to do? I believe that I can, at last, say: “I am”.