Maria Garner


For many years God has called me in my heart to somehow, somewhere, be part of a more real and more deep church. As a consequence, I moved to the Lake District in July 2005 in order to start the Outreach House adventure with John and Sue in November 2005.

Previously I’d taught Maths at an A Level College in Surrey. I have two wonderful, godly, grown-up children, Hermione and Derek, and many friends living in the South. What do I do here? Well, as you probably know, in the mornings we gather first for prayer. Then John leads us in the most amazing, mind-blowing Bible Studies. We are working our way through the entire Bible.

God speaks powerfully and the challenge is always then to ‘live’ it. I also work in a local shop for a few hours each week and do some Maths tuition at home. Evenings are busy. I’m helping the leaders in our local youth group and Outreach House offers many activities; craft night, evening Bible studies, volleyball, film nights, discussion evenings and sometimes we just have food and fun with local families. Our prayer in all this is that they might see God here and fall in love with Him.