Our Seven-Year Cycle


Central to our commitment to grow as disciples of God is our desire to study his Word. The Outreach House team therefore study, in depth, a chapter of the Bible each morning throughout term. This means that, in a loving community where we trust, encourage and hold each other accountable, we’ll study the whole Bible over a 7-year period.

7-Year Teaching Programme:
Year 1 The Pentateuch: Genesis to Deuteronomy
Year 2 The History books: Joshua to Esther
Year 3 The Wisdom books: Job to Song of Songs
Year 4 The Prophetic books: Isaiah to Malachi
Year 5 The Gospels: Matthew to John
Year 6 The Growth of the Church: Acts to Revelation
Year 7 Church history and Church future

At the end of the 7-year cycle we hope to have grown sufficiently to plant afresh; a new team will establish a new Outreach House in a new community and begin the cycle again. A remnant and a working church will be left behind to begin the cycle afresh.